What Our Clients Say

Lorper Office Support Services, the Preferred Transcription Company

happy transcription services clientDiscover why our clients love to work with us. 100% of our current business is from referrals.

“I have used Lorper Office Support Services as our medical transcription service for over 10 years. Their accuracy is excellent. Notes are delivered in a timely fashion. I recommend them highly.” ~ Neil B. Levin, DPM FACFAS, Family Podiatry

“I have worked with Lorper Office Support Services for a number of years.  They have always transcribed focus group recordings quickly, accurately and for a fair price. I completely endorse Lorper Office Support Services.” ~Jeff Morton, Manager, Joint Commission Resources/Joint Commission International

“I would recommend Lorper Office Support Services to anyone in need of a reliable, professional transcription company with affordable rates.” ~ Mark A. Samuels, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

“Lorper is fast, accurate, dependable and knowledgeable. When you want all the words – in the correct order, with sirens, coughs and other random noises noted, there is no better choice of transcription company.” ~John Teegarden, Video Producer

“Our association has been using Lorper Office Support Services for the past six years and is happy with the reliable service. Outstanding, professional service.” American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

“Claudia Vignola is a modern clerical office all rolled up into one indefatigable bundle of skill and service. It has been my good fortune to use her talents in scores of ways — little and large — and never once has she missed either the need or the deadline. We’re talking about a 4-star performer in an age when all too many substitute service with gadgetry. But not Claudia! Not ever!” ~Jack Spatafora, Speech and Screenwriter

recommended transcription and secretarial services“Claudia is great to work with.  Get her the job and it is done efficiently and accurately – no waiting and no do-overs!  I highly recommend her!” ~Dr. Fred C. Schroeder, General ASP AppliTrack

“Fast, accurate, easy to work with, and fun. That’s not my failed attempt at haiku but a short, spot on recommendation for Claudia.” ~ Tom, Marcom Manager, Anixter

“Claudia transcribes audio of our conference sessions. Even though it’s often technical information, her work is fast, careful and accurate. She fact-checks names and terms to the best of her ability. As the editor of these materials, I have much less work to do after Claudia is finished with them.” ~ Kathryn Furtaw Keuneke, Editor, Million Dollar Round Table

“I have worked with Claudia for over 15 years. She has assisted my business in the time and billing of clients. Through her business my time and billing was streamlined and made effective.

It has been a positive force in my efforts to run my business. Dictating my time on a daily or weekly basis freed me up to do work for clients. Email of the work was timely and responsive. Final review was done and billing mailed out. Claudia also assisted with positive suggestions in problem areas. Thank you Claudia for all your work.” ~ Russell J. Luchtenburg, Attorney at Law

“Indispensable. Couldn’t do business without Claudia!” ~Brent H. Salmon, President, Media & Marketing Resources.

“It is my great pleasure to write this testimonial for a person whom I have had the great good fortune to know for over thirty years. Where do I begin? Claudia is one of a kind. If there is such a thing as ‘the ultimate girl scout’ that describes Claudia. She is dependable, courageous, kind, caring, very smart, inquisitive, extremely diligent, and a person who is driven to be excellent in everything she does. When you need someone to talk to, or listen she is always there; when you need advice she is always there. If you need a helping hand she is always there. She is the best, best friend anyone could hope to have.

If ever I needed the kind of services her business provides she would be the first one I would call. I would call Claudia because I know she would do an outstanding job, in a timely fashion. She takes great pride in the quality of the work she produces and will keep at something until it meets her very high standards.

On top of all these wonderful qualities she also finds time to be a great mom, grandmother, sheepdog lover and wife. I feel blessed to have her in my life.” ~Maura FitzGerald West, Director, Glenwood School for Boys and Girls