Information and FAQs about Lorper’s Transcription Services

business man reviewing rates for transcription servicesQ: How long will it take to complete my project?
A: Completion time depends on the size of the project. For an accurate time estimate of our transcription services, please contact us for an individualized quote.

Q: Can you provide rates for your transcription services or estimate how much my job will cost?
A: Yes, we can provide you with an accurate estimate based on volume, special requirements and turnaround time.  Please contact us for your personalized quote.

Q: What form of payment do you accept for your transcription services?
A: We accept personal checks and cash.

Q: How many pages do you type per hour?
A: On average, it takes about one hour to type four to five single spaced pages. This can change based on the quality of the recording that we receive.

Chicago Illinois - transcription and secreterial ServicesQ: Where is Lorper Office Support Services located?
A: We are headquartered in Prospect Heights, Illinois. Originally, we served Chicago, portions of Illinois and Northern Indiana. We now provide transcription services around the entire United States thanks to the Internet.

Q: What types of media do you accept?
A: We accept the following media:
Digital – CD, MD, DAT, DVD, MP3s, WAV files, Streaming Media and numerous others
Audio: Standard and micro

Q: How do I get my project work or recording to you?
A: If it’s a digital recording you can send it by e-mail. If it’s a physical recording a messenger can be arranged to pick it up and deliver it. FedEx and UPS is also available.

Q: How do I get my finished work?
A: We can send it back to you digitally through email, or mail it. If you need it quickly we can schedule a messenger or you’re welcome to pick it up.

Q: What do you do with my master tape when the job is completed?
A: Your master tapes are sent back to you at the completion of every job.